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DRI International was founded and developed as a nonprofit organization operating outside the United States through affiliations with small consultinge companies and individual professionals. Our faculty members are often professionals who give DRI a few precious days a year, taken away from their core business. In this way, DRI can always benefit from the input of specialists who are active in the area and subject they teach and not generic trainers.

Are you interested in being part of DRI?

DRI International and DRI Italy are continually evaluating profiles of professionals and specialists willing to collaborate with DRI in course delivery, in Italy and abroad. Email segreteria@dri-italy.it pee more information.

Rob Zegarra

DRI International – Global Director of Education

Roberto (Rob) Zegarra, MBCP, CCRP, is Director of Education for DRI International. An experienced business resiliency consultant and instructor, he began his career in the security, risk, and continuity profession in 1991. His experience includes physical and logical security assessments, incident response, business response and recovery. His specialties include business impact analysis (BIA); business recovery plans (BCP and BRC); crisis management structure and communications (CMS); incident response tabletops and exercises; as well as risk improvement, supply chain, and interdependency analysis. He has led and participated in numerous real and simulated disaster recovery, incident response, and cyber-attack events.

Zegarra has extensive experience with impact analysis, helping organizations recognize vulnerabilities, prioritize business functions, identify “crown jewels”, and ultimately enhance preparedness and corporate resilience. Additionally, he is an expert in network segregation and operations recovery. His experience includes manufacturing, financial institutions, retail, logistics, and government, amongst others.

He earned a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Texas-Austin. He has been a DRI instructor since 2000 and is a graduate professor for IT Governance at Mackenzie University in Brazil.

Karol Cordero

DRI International – Director of Global Resources

Karol Cordero, CBCP, è entrata a far parte di DRI nel 2015. Karol ha sviluppato la sua carriera professionale presso PwC Costa Rica nelle linee di servizio Information Security & Technology e Business Continuity Management (BCM), nell’ambito della practice Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC). Karol ha esperienza nel BCM basato sulle best practice DRI, oltre che su ISO 22301, CobiT, Itil, ISACA e altri, implementando piani BCM nel settore pubblico e privato, in particolare per le istituzioni finanziarie.

Karol è istruttrice certificata DRI dal 2013 e ha tenuto corsi BCLS 2000 in Costa Rica, Colombia ed Ecuador. È stata relatrice alla conferenza DRI di Atlanta 2014 e a vari seminari ed eventi BCM per PwC Costa Rica. Karol collabora spesso con Drive en Español e con la rivista IT Now. Possiede inoltre le seguenti credenziali: CBCP, CISM, CISA, ISO 22301 – ISO 27001:2013 Implementar/Lead Auditor.

Corrado Zana

DRI Italy – President

Corrado is President and founder of DRI Italy, CBCP certified in 2008 and subsequently as a licensed Instructor for DRI courses on BCM and Cyber Resilience. He has also been an International Commission Member of DRI International since 2011.

Corrado is a Risk Management expert who works with Risk Managers, Insurance Underwriters, Brokers, CIOs and CISOs to assess and control the Enterprise Risk Profile, particularly risks related to the adoption of new technologies and digital business models. After working for several years in chemical process automation and risk engineering, Corrado turned to the area of Risk Management working for over 30 years in insurance (Zurich, Marsh, WTW) and telecommunications (Nokia) companies.

Corrado is also Director of the consulting firm PhoenITx Srl, which under the brand name Continuitaly supports multinational companies in Italy and abroad in the design and implementation of risk management frameworks focused on improving operational resilience and managing cyber risk.

Corrado received a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical and Energy Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Milan in 1986. He is certified in Risk and Information System Controls (CRISC) by ISACA; Certified Business Continuity Professional (CBCP) and Certified Cyber Resilience Professional (CCRP) by Disaster Recovery Institute International DRI); President and founder of the Italian Business Continuity Managers Association (BCManager); Member of the British Business Continuity Institute (BCI-London); Member of the Italian Association of Information Security Auditors (AIEA-Milan); Member of the Italian Association of Risk Managers (ANRA-Rome).

Marco Terzago

DRI Italy – Certified Instructor

Marco Terzago is Head of Group Risk Control and Area Risk Managers Global Coordinator for SKF
SKF Group, a Swedish multinational corporation and the world’s leading provider of solutions for more than 40 industries. Since 2009, Marco has led the implementation of the Group’s BCM program, working with division leadership in selling the initiative and with operations management to develop and implement robust BCPs and effective training and testing programs on a regional basis.
Prior to joining SKF in 2001, Marco worked as Risk Engineering Manager for Risk Management of the Pirelli Group in Milan and as Risk Consultant for corporate clients for UnipolSai Insurance Co. at its headquarters in Turin, Italy.
Marco was Director of FERMA, Federation of European Risk Management Associations, from 2006 to 2008, Vice President of ANRA (National Association of Risk Managers) from 2008 to 2010. He is currently a member of the Board of Directors and chair of the Education Committee.
Marco is Certified Risk Management Professional of FERMA Rimap® and CBCP of DRI.

A graduate in Industrial and Management Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Turin, Marco holds a postgraduate master’s degree in “Corporate Risk Management” from the Polytechnic University of Milan.

Marco Terzago is an instructor for DRI Italy, qualified for DRI courses on BCM in Italian, English and French.

Massimo Rossi

DRI Italy – Certified Instructor

Massimo Rossi is a certified Senior IT Management Consultant with more than 25 years of experience in high-tech services for multi-platform open systems architectures. He began his career in customer software support services and then joined the international education structure working with software development labs in the Unix area on enterprise and midrange class systems. After gaining significant experience in software development facilities, he holds positions supporting innovative technical support services with telematics channels. Undertakes professional growth in the Consulting practice by helping to develop innovative engagement models in the areas of risk management, impact analysis, and business continuity more generally. In this discipline, he has developed value propositions by contributing to the achievement of important business results and the spread of service culture, including through internal mentorship projects. He recently earned a Master’s degree from the Milan Polytechnic and acquired certifications in ITIL, CMC and ISO for information security and business continuity management.

Massimo is CBCP and DRI certified instructor qualified for DRI courses in Italian and English in BCM and IT Disaster Recovery Planning

Gianluigi Lucietto

DRI Italy – Certified Instructor

Gianluigi Lucietto, ARM, CBCP, AMBCI is an independent risk and business continuity consultant for numerous national, multinational companies and public entities operating in Italy. He is an adjunct lecturer in Crisis Management and Business Continuity and a postgraduate course in Enterprise Risk Management at the University of Verona.
Gianluigi is among the founders of the Academic Association for Risk Management, an Italian nonprofit organization (arimas.it), a member of the working group on Risk
(UNI 11230:2007) at the Italian headquarters of ISO, Associate in Risk Management at the Insurance Institute of America. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Italian Association of Risk and Insurance Managers (ANRA) and a lecturer in some postgraduate courses at the University of Parma, the University of Naples and the Adriano Olivetti Institute.

Gianluigi is CBCP certified and a certified instructor for DRI courses on BCM.

John Zeppos

DRI Switzerland – Affiliate
DRI Italy – Instructor

John Zeppos is a manager and entrepreneur in the field of organizational resilience and business continuity management who has moved the global mindset of resilience and risk awareness to the next level by being extremely innovative and passionate about his work. His achievements and thought leadership have been recognized internationally by numerous peers, so much so that he was a two-time winner of the BCI Global Business Continuity Awards – Business Continuity Manager of the Year 2012 and 2014, a testament to his abilities and commitment to always strive for excellence.

John has spearheaded numerous successful ISO22301 and ISO22316 accreditations for several multinational companies in a variety of business sectors, including robust pandemic and earthquake preparedness planning, but especially organizational resilience.

He has been a jury member of the IRM Global Risk Management Awards since 2012 and a jury member of the BCI Global Business Continuity Awards in 2013 and 2015.

In 2014 John founded Resilience Guard GmbH in Switzerland (Schweiz) to support organizations in improving their resilience measures in Europe and beyond.

Others have commented on his qualities as a public speaker, “John is a passionate and impactful speaker who infuses his enthusiasm for Business Continuity Management into his audience, bringing on board and then mentoring many new professionals in the discipline.”

John Zeppos is Program Director of DRI Switzerland and Certified Instructor for DRI Italy in English

Varka Kozlovič

DRI Scandinavia- Affiliate
DRI Italy – Instructor

Varka is an organizational resilience professional with a diverse skill set and international work experience in both the private sector and international development cooperation.
Since 2005, she has worked as a crisis and business continuity management expert for several international consulting firms assisting clients in developing and implementing large-scale BCM and Crisis Management programs (sectors: insurance, banking, telecommunications, automotive, food and beverages, logistics, pharma). He currently works in the financial sector where he is in charge of operational resilience for one of Europe’s largest financial institutions.
Varka is founder and Program Director of DRI Scandinavia: the regional affiliate of Disaster Recovery Institute International. He has DRII’s CBCP certification and is a member of the Business Continuity Institute / UK (MBCI)
After graduating with a degree in International and Diplomatic Sciences (University of Trieste) and a Master’s degree in Gender and Development Cooperation (University of Sussex), she also worked for several years with NGOs and international organizations in the areas of community resilience and disaster risk reduction with a focus on gender issues. His international experience includes stints in several countries, including Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia, India, Mongolia, Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
Her interest in cultural and gender aspects related to community resilience and diversity management in the corporate environment as one of the ingredients of organizational resilience led her to become a Cultural Intelligence Certified Facilitator at the Cultural Intelligence Center (USA) and to work with Diversity Management consulting firms. Varka is a certified DRII instructor and certified BCM and Cyber course instructor in Italian, English and Slovenian.

Alain Puyo

DRI France – Lead Instructor
DRI Italy – Instructor

Alain Puyo has over 30 years of experience in risk management and crisis response roles at multinational companies in France and abroad. His expertise spans risk engineering, enterprise risk management (ERM), business continuity planning, and crisis anticipation. Alain leverages his skills to develop holistic risk management approaches for local, international, industrial, and public organizations. He also designs and delivers customized communication training programs to help executives, directors, and crisis teams effectively prevent and manage critical situations. Alain places great emphasis on human capital, behavioral dynamics, change management, and purpose-driven initiatives.

Alain began his career in the aerospace industry, for 5 years on civil and military projects to enhance the reliability of complex systems. He then joined the Insurance sector, as Regional Risk Engineering Manager where he established and led the Risk Engineering department for France and North Africa. He also managed one of the Company’s subsidiaries in a foreign country, to manage industrial risk insurance portfolio.

After over a decade, Alain joined the metal and mining industry in 2001, bringing his risk management expertise to the aluminum smelting technology teams. He helped integrate “Risks into Planning” principles, enabling the integration of EHS considerations from the design phase and reducing both engineering costs and operational incidents.

He exported his experience across the group’s major projects in different countries the group operated. In 2013, he joined the world’s leading flavor and fragrance company, as their Enterprise Risk Manager, covering Crisis Response Plan and Business Continuity Planning.

Drawing on this extensive background and a network of expert partners, Alain founded RESIMIND Solutions in May 2023, a consulting company dealing with Risk engineering, Risk management and Business Continuity Management systems.

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