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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity Management (BCM) is a holistic process that identifies risks, implementing a resilient system for immediate responses in the event of incidents. The objective: to maintain essential activities in adversity through continuity plans, recovery goals, technological solutions and crisis management plans. DRI Italy courses offer the expertise of DRI International, which established the BCM guidelines over 50 years ago. These courses enable professional certification and membership in a community of over 20,000 DRI-certified specialists worldwide. Check out the DRI Italy - Course Calendar 2024 - EN

Cyber Resilience

Organisations face many cyber risks, which require a coordinated response between Information Security, Cybersecurity and Business Continuity Management. These functions must work together in an integrated manner to improve the organisation’s Cyber Resilience. DRI’s Cyber Resilience courses focus on collaboration between these functions, for example by defining continuity plans for conditions when the company’s IT systems are down, such as after a ransomware attack. The courses also offer DRI professional certification. Check the Course Calendar!

IT Disaster Recovery Planning

The growing reliance on digital automation is accompanied by increased threats to information systems, including both traditional risks and new cyber attacks. Both require an IT Disaster Recovery Plan integrated into the Business Continuity Management system to ensure resilience. The DRI course on IT Disaster Recovery Planning focuses on the application of Business Continuity Management to the IT environment, without going into technical solutions. The DRI methodology is fundamental to the definition of the most effective DR solutions. Check the DRI Italy - Course Calendar 2024 - EN

DRI Distinctive Element: Training + International Professional Certification

Those who attend our training courses have the possibility of obtaining the international DRI professional certification upon completion

Training courses

We deliver official DRI courses, online and in-person, in Business Continuity Management, Cyber Resilience, IT Disaster Recovery Planning. Courses are delivered in Italian, by Italian lecturers, trained, approved and certified by DRI International. The content of DRI courses is the same in all countries where DRI operates, thus ensuring consistency and authority for the courses themselves. Although DRI offers more courses, it is possible that those available may not meet your needs. In this case, we could check whether one of the solutions offered by the Continuitaly partner would satisfy them.

DRI Certifications

The DRI courses on Business Continuity Management and Cyber Resilience include in the cost the DRI international certification examination and – in case of passing – the issuance of the first-level certificate ABCP (for BCM courses) or ACRP (for Cyber courses). Once professional experience of at least two years has been acquired, it is possible to apply for upgrading to higher certifications, without having to repeat the course or examination. Of course, those who already have the necessary experience can apply for CBCV, CBCP (for BCM) or CCRP (for Cyber) certificates when enrolling in the course.

A career breakthrough

DRI certifications attest to belonging to the professional community of Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Cyber Resilience. This always helps in a professional career, as both consulting companies or BCM/DR solution providers and companies are looking for such profiles. DRI certifications are international, so they can easily be used to seek employment in these fields abroad. Currently, more than 20,000 specialists hold a DRI certificate, many of whom work in the world’s largest organisations and often head their BCM/DR system. Of these, more than 6,000 also report holding the certification on LinkedIn.

How do I proceed now?

To register for a DRI course in Italy, simply download the DRI Registration Form , fill it in after viewing our calendar, and email it to

What course do you suggest?

The range of DRI courses is wide, contact us to explain your needs and get a recommendation. Please check our calendar for the dates you are interested in as well as the certifications you may be eligible for.

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More than 20,000 specialists certified by DRI

DRI courses in Italy

Business Continuity Review – BCP501

A quick and effective two-day (16-hour) course, concluded by the 2 1/2-hour certification exam on the third day

Business Continuity – BCLE2000

The most comprehensive course: four days, 32 hours of theory blended with class discussions and practical applications. 2 1/2-hour certification exam on the fifth day.

IT Disaster Recovery Planning Course – ITDRP

Two-day course (16 hours) dedicated to defining the Disaster Recovery Plan in IT. Learning assessment exam upon completion (no certification)

Cyber Resilience Review – CRP501

Two-day course (16 hours) with 2 1/2-hour certification exam on the third day

Cyber Resilience – CRLE2000

Four-day (32-hour) course on Cyber Resilience with a 2 1/2-hour final certification exam on the fifth day.

Prices and Schedule of DRI Italy Courses in English

Download DRI Italy - Course Calendar 2024 - EN for an overview of activities, courses, prices and calendar dates for 2024


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