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DRI International certifies individuals and provides various levels of active professional certification in a number of areas. Our certifications are the standards of excellence in business continuity management. Certifications acknowledge an individual’s effort to achieve a professional level of competency in the industry. While individuals’ motives may vary, there are numerous reasons for seeking certification including personal and professional satisfaction, employer recognition and financial gain.

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Certification is a two-step process i.e. verification of knowledge + confirmation of experience:

Step 1. The receipt of a passing grade certificate is sufficient to verify a candidate’s knowledge of the subject matter.

Step 2.  For DRI International certification, an application is required to confirm the experience of a candidate.

DRI Italy is the authorized provider of selected DRI Courses and Examinations. On successful completion of the Exam (Step 1) the candidate qualifies to submit a certification application to DRI International (Step 2). Work experience determines the certification level to which the candidate may apply.

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